What Does it Mean to be Anti-Racist Workbook (PDF)


Build anti-racism and anti-oppressive capacity through reflective learning, empathetic interpersonal engagement, institutional analysis, and active structural transformation

Use this practical workbook to deepen your understanding and practice of anti-racism. Half of all proceeds from the purchase of the book will be donated to Community Chest Western Cape, a local organization in Cape Town, South Africa exemplifying an inclusive approach to racial justice. Please see below for more information about the book as well as a link to purchase.

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Deepen your anti-racist actions at the internal, inter-personal, institutional and structural levels. Activities include:

  • How to identify apathetic, non-racist, and anti-racist behavior.
  • How to engage productively with friends and family members about issues of race and racism.
  • How to identify institutional and structural barriers that may perpetuate racism.
  • How to use intersectionality to advance multiple forms of equity.

The PDF document is 25 pages in length and can be dowloaded upon purchase.