Our Approach & Impact

Our Approach

  1. Listen: We identify diversity insights from personal stories and existing organizational data.
  2. Learn: We engage leaders in transforming diversity insights into equity and inclusion opportunities.
  3. Lead: We draw on the experience, expertise, and vision of each leader to lead across lines of difference.

Our Value

We partner with leaders to build high-impact diversity, equity, and inclusion councils from the ground up.

    • We convene in-person and virtual diversity, equity and inclusion councils comprising leaders and executives from across the country and around the world.
    • For newly formed councils, we partner with leaders to develop a charter and define roles and responsibilities to ensure optimal council functioning, ownership and sustainability.

We empower leaders to listen, learn, and lead across lines of difference.

    • We equip leaders to understand their diversity and inclusion landscape by strategically leveraging survey and personal story data.
    • We engage leaders in high-impact learning experiences to equip them with practical leadership skills to engage productively in diverse teams.
    • We build each leader’s capacity to meet strategic diversity goals, lead across lines of difference, and cultivate a culture of inclusion.

We collaborate to define, measure, and drive accountability through data.

    • We have equipped over 13,700 students from around the world with the skills to build a data-driven balanced scorecard from scratch and use it to define, measure, and drive success.
    • Using a Diversity Index (DI), a measure of inclusion, we regularly provide insight into opportunities for leaders to deepen a culture of inclusion.

We deliver in-person and virtual high-impact learning experiences.

    • Dr. Chalklen has taught over 133,000 students from around the world in 31 online courseswhich include diversity and inclusion, data-driven management, and problem solving strategies.
    • Our expansive portfolio of scholarship, online and in-person diversity and inclusion learning materials spans over 60 hours of content. Please see an example here.
    • Most recently, Dr. Chalklen delivered a four week anti-racism webinar series to an average of 475 participants each week.