Working together to advance racial justice and social transformation

Values & Principles

– Listening, learning, taking action, reflecting

– Anti-racism

– Power analysis

– Accountability

– Solidarity

– Working with and not for


AntiRacism Educator, Scholar, and Advocate

Academic: I received a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on racial equity from Texas A&M University in 2015. My research focuses on how afrocentric pedagogies of liberation can be used to dismantle intersectional oppression. I have co-authored several book chapters examining racism in South Africa and the United States including, Re-rooting Roots: The South African Perspective which was co-written with Dr. Norvella Carter and Mr. Bhekuyise Zungu and published by Georgia University Press. My most recent co-authored publication, Seeing in the Dark: How a South African Leader Uses Critical Literacy to Advance Social Justice in a Nonprofit Organization with Mr. Lorenzo Davids, will be published by Louisiana State University Press. I am currently writing a book entitled, Unlearning My Education which applies Ubuntu, an afrocentric pedagogy of liberation, to education in South Africa and the United States.

Professional: I am a consultant, educator and facilitator on issues of racial and social justice. I have worked with a wide range of organizations ranging from small nonprofits to large corporations. I have taught over 133,000 students through my online course offerings covering topics such as 

Personal: Being white and growing up in a family of multiple races through the transition from formal apartheid to democratic, informal apartheid in South Africa profoundly shapes my experience of the world. Proximity to my Black sister throughout my life continues to awaken me to the presence of racist oppression, my white privilege and my often unconscious collusion in the system of oppression. I enter this work recognizing that I am always a work in progress. I am deeply committed to radical justice through learning, working with and not for, and building a dignity-centered society. 

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  1. lesleyblinn says:

    Hi Warren,
    Thanks for this fantastic piece! I was wondering if I could share it (with full credit of course)? Heading to AfrikaBurn and offering a space to talk about issues of privilege, race, gender and intersectionality there… Would love to share this piece in that space if you agree.

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