Racism and Policing in America: Reflections From Retired Police Officer Dr. Roy Alston

Dr. Roy Alston shared his perspective of racism in policing and his experience of witnessing the conviction of George Floyd’s murderer. Dr. Alston is a former Dallas Police Officer, member of the US military and Vice President of Security for a large Health System. 

In part one, George Floyd’s Murder and Chauvin’s Conviction, we discuss the historical context of racism and policing and the significance of the guilty verdict for American policing.

In part two, The Southern Strategy in the Courtroom, Dr. Alston describes the Southern Strategy as a legal and political strategy used to criminalize Black people.

In part three, Dismantling the Injustice System, Dr. Alston shares his reflections on changing the system from the inside and outside.

See the interviews below.


The Southern Strategy in the Courtroom (Part 2/3)

Dismantling the Injustice System (Part 3/3)