Analyzing the Roots of Racism in Healthcare and White Terrorism

Conducting a root cause analysis is critical to those committed to an anti-racist practice.

Below, we ask But why?  to peel back the layers of racial injustice and identify how systems coalesce to form systemic racism. Dr. Susan Moore was a practicing physician from Jamaica who received her medical lisence from University of Michigan. In the video below, Dr. Moore shares her experience of racial bias in her care.

A few days after this video Dr. Moore tragically passed away. By asking Why, we can unpack the internal, interpersonal, institutional and ultimately structural reasons for her death.

After viewing the example below, scroll down to apply the But Why? framework to the different ways in which police responded to White terrorism and Black Lives Matter protests.

Example: But Why Did the Doctor ignore Dr. Moore's Pain?

Now, Conduct a Root Cause Analysis on the following example:

Watch the video above and then conduct your own Root Cause Analysis:

Why did the police respond differently to white terrorists compared to black protesters?

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