Develop And Apply Your Own Equity Values

Defining and applying our own equity values is a critical part of an anti-racist practice. Use the Name, Define, Apply and Reflect model below to advance equity.

Step 1: Name your equity values

Equity describes practices of fairness and justice. Without thinking, write down your top three equity values and principles:

Example Value: Listening

Value #1:

Value #2

Value #3

Step 2: Define each value

Define each value in one or two sentences.  Ask yourself, would a young child or stranger understand your definition?

Example definition for listening: I am seeking understanding not listening to respond.

Step 3: Apply

Imagine that you are reading with your scholar or watching TV with a friend and you come across the image below from a Dr. Seuss children’s book. How might you apply your principles of equity to engage your scholar in a conversation?

Apply each value to your conversation and take notes.

Step 4: reflect

Reflect on your conversation The following questions might be helpful:

Reflect in action: How is my conversation going? What am I learning about my scholar and myself?

Reflect on action: How did the conversation go? How did my approach to the conversation shape it?

Reflect for action: What actions might we take as a result of our conversation?

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