A Vision for South Africa

What kind of country can we live in?

Bringing us together in the spirit of Ubuntu this track,  A Vision for South  Africa collaborates with Vice V to encapsulate the power of our great nation. The future we can all have.


“I cannot dedicate my life to the acquisition of power,

Only to the pursuit of building a South Africa where children are educated, healthy and safe…Where every person has a life they have reason to value…We as South Africans are proud, confident and a visionary nation…Amandla!


Blackface, white privilege in post-apartheid South Africa

If I am because you are, and we reflect each other’s true humanity, then we are obligated to protect one another’s dignity. When two white women, students at the University of Pretoria participated in blackface they infringed upon their own dignity while demonstrating the deep racism that is still present in our society. Without neglecting the dignity of the victims of racism, I still believe that what we all have in common is a desire to live in a country that affirms the humanity of all who live in it. In order to do this, we need to have conversations that seek to find common ground, speak truth and find ways to build beyond ourselves. I write this not to condemn the women as human beings, rather to condemn their actions and demonstrate how these actions are part of a larger white racial frame dominating institutions from the Cape to the Limpopo River. I aim to highlight the extent of white privilege in the country so as to foster a conversation about how we can uproot the inherent oppression that gives birth to these hurtful realities. Continue reading